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Cherry Street Kitchen, Trenton, NJ USA

1040 Pennsylvania Ave., Trenton, New Jersey (NJ) 08638
     between Cherry and Mulberry Streets
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Member Successes and Interesting Stories...

What keeps us going at CSK are the people who work and engage here. These are some of their stories. Plus, we have mixed in some articles from here and there that might be of interest. Click on the picture.

    Hotpanada Picture     Granola Bar Picture     KellyGirl Picture     Vince from Try Vegan
Hotpanada brings the best of Puerto Rican street food, especially very creative empanadas! Advah makes the most delicious and nutritious oatmeal bars and granola! And, many of the ingredients are organic. Towanda makes gorgeous baking creations. TryVegan® for "All Vegan" meal prep and delivery!
    Kenny's Logo Picture     Manolo's Picture     Article by Jeff Edelstelstein on CSK
People love the delicious and balanced meals that Kenny delivers! CSK thanks Mitch and Yvette for their support and work at Cherry Street Kitchen! Trentonian Article on Cherry Street Kitchen by Jeff Edelstein, 2019.

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