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John and Barbara established Cherry Street kitchen to serve both the greater Trenton community and the needs of Princeton and the Route 1 corridor, and it is both a professional work space and a co-working cooking space. We have tried to anticipate the needs of food professionals throughout the kitchen design.

Barbara has worked with food her entire life, starting with her parents fine dining restaurant and continuing through and beyond her graduation from Natural Gourmet Institute in 2012. John has worked with technology, real estate, business, and non-profit organizations throughout his career. John and Barbara were delighted to bring this new facility online at the beginning of 2017.

Small businesses benefit by having a clean and modern cooking space from which to launch and operate. Restaurants and caterers benefit by having flex-space to prepare for special events. Mature and experienced businesses can benefit by having a food facility available on a short-term or longer basis in the center of the strategic tri-state market area.

   John and Barbara

Press Release 1/31/17

From: Cherry Street Kitchen - Trenton, NJ


Cherry Street Kitchen, LLC announces the opening of its rental commercial kitchen in Trenton, NJ on the Trenton-Lawrence border near Princeton.

This licensed commercial kitchen is suitable for professional chefs, farmer food processing, and food entrepreneurs.

Filling a need in the New Jersey-Pennsylvania area, Cherry Street Kitchen allows food professionals to cook in volume in an efficient, clean, and professional environment. The shared rental commercial kitchen is economical at a shift rate, avoiding the significant investment required for an individual business to build its own commercial kitchen.

Located in a neighborhood setting just 3 blocks from Route 1 and with speedy access to I-95, I-195, I-295, Route 206, and Route 31, Cherry Street Kitchen offers the food professional a sensible solution to off-site food preparation.

If you are considering off-site food preparation, visit and then contact Cherry Street Kitchen for more information. Make this your food headquarters!

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     Phone: (609)695-5800

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