Cherry Street Kitchen

Cherry Street Kitchen, Trenton, New Jersey

1040 Pennsylvania Ave., Trenton, New Jersey 08638 between Cherry and Mulberry Streets
Phone: (609)695-5800    Email:

Kitchen Gallery

Located in a cooking space of more than 2,000 square feet on a single floor, Cherry Street Kitchen provides 4 kitchens or "Bays" as shown below. There is separation between kitchens, and we expect the environment will be cooperative and friendly. See the pictures below, and more on Facebook.

Bay 1: Full Cooking Bay

A full service kitchen, Bay 1 has an 8-burner range, 2 ovens, and more.

Bay 1

Bay 2: Prep (no stove)

Bay 2 is for prepping without a stove. Rental may be combined with one of the full service kitchens, especially for cooking demonstrations and classes.

Bay 2

Bay 3: Full Cooking Bay

A full service kitchen, Bay 3 has a 6-burner range, an oven, and more.

Bay 3

Bay 4: Bakery

A full bakery with double convection ovens, proofer, and more.

Bay 2

Cold Storage

Refrigerated storage and frozen storage is available, as well as dry storage.

Walk-In Cooler and Walk-In Freezer


Tenants have access to multiple large prep sinks, three-bowl washing sinks, and handwashing sinks.


Working With Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs
in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, USA
Caterers * Bakers * Food Manufacturers * Farmers * Special Events