About Cherry Street Kitchen

Professional Cooking Space

John and Barbara established Cherry Street kitchen to serve both the greater Trenton community and the needs of Princeton and the Route 1 corridor, and it is both a professional workspace and a co-working cooking space.

We have tried to anticipate the needs of food professionals throughout the kitchen design.

Food businesses benefit by not having to purchase expensive equipment and sign long-term leases, allowing them to grow with a minimum of capital investment.

Restaurants can use the kitchen as flex space to prepare for special events. And, all businesses benefit from the reasonable volume-based rates at Cherry Street Kitchen.

Working With Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs
Caterers * Bakers * Food Manufacturers * Farmers * Special Events

Who We Are

Barbara has worked with food her entire life, starting with her parent's fine dining restaurant and continuing through and beyond her graduation from Natural Gourmet Institute in 2012.  Barbara is passionate about her professional work in environmental planning and remediation, which also led to the kitchen's focus on sustainability.

John has worked with technology, real estate, business, and non-profit organizations throughout his career. John and Barbara were delighted to bring this new facility online at the beginning of 2017.

John and Barbara - Cherry Street Kitchen

More than a kitchen

We provide state-of-the-art, commercial-grade, quality professional kitchen equipment including:

  • Shelf space storage.
  • Storage carts.
  • Pallet storage. This is excellent for ingredients and finished products.
  • Equipment storage.
  • Refrigerated and freezer storage.
  • Walk-In Cooler and Walk-In Freezer.

Loading is easy in this 1-story building. There are two wide doors suitable for loading. This will allow multiple loading/ unloadings to occur such as having an ingredient delivery at the same time as a caterer loads her truck for an event.

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