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A hot new food business is parking its food truck in Hamilton, New Jersey. Not only is the spiciest empanada served out of this truck, but also a variety of themed empanadas such as the Beefanada, Bean and Cheeseanada, Buffalo Chickenada, Cubanada, and the Goldanada. Husband and wife Joshua and […]

Try Vegan

From middle eastern to Italian to every cuisine in between, TryVegan┬« is the up-and-coming food truck and meal prep delivery service. After quitting his job to pursue his entrepreneurial goals, founder and owner Vince Gulino has dedicated the better half of a decade to promoting veganism. Established in 2015, this […]

Kelly GGirl

Kelly Girl

A new addition to Cherry Street is Towanda Larkins’ desserts and pastries business, Kelly Girl. Based out of Farmers Markets in both Trenton and Burlington County, Kelly Girl specializes in cakes and pies, values tradition and familial recipes, and accommodates gluten-free and vegan diets. “When I first sat down with […]

The Granola Bar

The Granola Bar

Advah Zinder, a pastry chef of 13 years, started The Granola Bar in June 2019. This business specializes in, you guessed it, granola! From chocolate pretzel to lemon blueberry pecan, the bar is filled with granola for every craving. All of the products are made from 100% whole grain oats […]

Kenny’s Meals

Kenny Garcia from Ewing, New Jersey, turned his culinary major into a lifestyle with his business, Kenny’s Meals. Whether his customers are looking to lose weight, bulk up with muscle or maintain a healthy diet, the meals provide tasty and nutritious options. An experienced chef, Kenny consistently found himself meal […]

Manolo's Best Farmstand Chili

Manolo’s Best Farmstand Chili

Manolo’s Best Farmstand Chili was founded by Chilimaster Mitchell Wolinsky, now joined by his wife, Yvette. Operating at first from a series of smaller kitchens, he discovered Cherry Street Kitchen (CSK) as a facility that could handle the intensity of preparing and packaging larger quantities of all-fresh vegetable chili. Regarding […]

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