Manolo’s Best Farmstand Chili

Manolo’s Best Farmstand Chili was founded by Chilimaster Mitchell Wolinsky, now joined by his wife, Yvette. Operating at first from a series of smaller kitchens, he discovered Cherry Street Kitchen (CSK) as a facility that could handle the intensity of preparing and packaging larger quantities of all-fresh vegetable chili. Regarding CSK, Mitch says, “I can tell you that I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Cherry Street Kitchen.” And, CSK welcomes this well-run and clean operation!

Manolo's Best Farmstand Chili

Manolo’s Best Farmstand Chili is available at Whole Foods Market in 62 stores and 7 states! After “graduating” from CSK to a co-packer endorsed by Whole Foods, Mitch and Yvette return frequently to produce smaller runs of samples, and to experiment. CSK serves not only as a production platform, storage unit and safe space, but as a supportive backbone.

In 2011, Wolinsky transitioned to a plant-based diet, but noticed a limited selection of vegetarian options. At local cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores, the chili was “either heavily spiced, bland or too expensive,” he said. Yvette challenged him by saying, “Why don’t you invent your own food?”. And that is exactly what he did.

Manolo’s worked at CSK to do everything from peeling all those vegetables, to chopping, to seasoning, cooking, and packaging for bulk distribution. Mitch says, “My next creation will come from Cherry Street Kitchen, I feel inspired hereā€¦.We see ourselves creating brand awareness, making a difference, connecting with vegan and vegetarians, doing good work. We believe when you do good work, you always do good.”

On the web, visit Manolo’s Best Farmstand Chili. The chili is delicious!

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