The Granola Bar

Advah Zinder, a pastry chef of 13 years, started The Granola Bar in June 2019. This business specializes in, you guessed it, granola! From chocolate pretzel to lemon blueberry pecan, the bar is filled with granola for every craving.

All of the products are made from 100% whole grain oats and with no dairy. Fun fact: nothing Advah makes contains processed sugar as she relies on maple and honey for all of her sweetening needs! Advah is conscious of the amount of waste she produces, and all of her granola cereals and bars are packaged in compostable plastic to avoid adding more trash to our environment. And, her products are delicious!

The Granola Bar

She finds the kitchen to be very helpful. “Cherry Street Kitchen is a great place to work,” Advah said. “With it, I have plenty of space to work, and am able to produce on a schedule that is compatible with my farmer’s market schedules.”

And, she loves customer interaction. “Before, as a pastry chef, I was in the kitchen and my food went out, but I rarely saw people enjoy my food. Now, being out in the market and actually interacting with the people who are enjoying the product, I think that’s the best part,” Advah said.

In addition to select farmer’s markets, you can find your local Granola Bar online at The Granola Bar.

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