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From middle eastern to Italian to every cuisine in between, TryVegan® is the up-and-coming food truck and meal prep delivery service. After quitting his job to pursue his entrepreneurial goals, founder and owner Vince Gulino has dedicated the better half of a decade to promoting veganism. Established in 2015, this business has one goal in mind: get people to try vegan.

“I started the business before there were vegan festivals, which started two or three years ago, and I was a part of all of the first annual festivals,” said Gulino.

What started out slowly is now becoming the go-to vegan option for consumers across the east coast. The food truck business is taking over major festivals in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, and the online meal prepping service is scaling from Delaware all the way to Massachusetts.

On the website, consumers view the menu for the week as well as the meal packaging options. The menu changes every week, but all recipes are made gluten, soy, and refined sugar-free, and without oil.

In addition to the meals of the week, there is even apparel that consumers can purchase to spread awareness of veganism, which was Gulino’s ultimate goal in creating the business. “I knew I wanted to share the message in more ways and realized designing my own clothing would help push the message,” Gulino said.

TryVegan® has come so far in so little time, and Gulino is making sure this progress only continues. Even now with the COVID-19 pandemic, Gulino is working harder than ever to design, cook and deliver meals to homes. He relied on CSK before this pandemic for its affordability and convenience, and now during this pandemic, he is as active as ever in the kitchen.

“Without Cherry Street, I wouldn’t have a kitchen to work out of,” Gulino said. “It’s a great first step for budding food owners, and for someone who was just starting out, I figured out a way to incorporate my business and my life into one thing that I love.”

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